Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Write to Read provides teachers with the skills that students must own to read and write successfully and how to explicitly teach these skills.

The explicit teaching of these skills ensures that students are confident and in control of their learning, and truly experience the feeling of success and being empowered by knowledge.

Write to Read is currently offering Certificate 1 and Certificate 2 courses, along with Writing workshops.

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"The only truth for a child is what he/she experiences."
Certificate 1.

TERM 1 2024 - Fridays - FEB 16,23 MAR 1

TERM 1 2024 - Saturdays - FEB 17, 24 MAR 2

Certificate 2.

TERM 1 - MARCH - 8, 15, 16, 22, 23



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WRITE TO READ – The tools for READING and SPELLING success for ALL students.

The WRITE TO READ course consists of Certificate 1 and Certificate 2. Certificate 1 is a 3-day course (15hrs) and Certificate 2 is 5 days (30hrs). The complete training is Certificate 1 and 2 totalling 45hrs. The strength of this method is the teacher training. The most valuable asset to a child’s education is a knowledgeable, empowered, passionate teacher!

WRITE TO READ training is based on the extensive literary research* that has been done over the past decade. It teaches multi-sensory explicit instruction so ALL children can learn using all the pathways to the brain – I see, I hear, I do.

WRITE TO READ ensures children are taught the tools/skills necessary for success. When the teacher is confident and empowered with the knowledge of what to teach and how to teach, he/she produces students who feel confident and in control of their learning. Students become excited by their success and are motivated to keep learning because through real experience they know what ‘being empowered’ by knowledge truly is – not guessing but having the tools to tackle problems they face independently.

Research has found the following components essential for successful literacy instruction. The WRITE TO READ course investigates each of these and how to explicitly teach them.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Explicit Systematic Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Text Comprehension
  • Teacher Training

While ALL of these components are essential, the understanding and explicit teaching of phonemic awareness and systematic phonics has often been neglected.

For a student to be successful he/she must understand: the English language is a ‘coded’ language; words are made up of sounds which are represented by written symbols (codes); there are seventy basic written codes in the English language; there are rules which help to read or write words correctly.

For the student to be able to read words accurately he/she must: be able to read and write the seventy codes; recognise them in words and blend the sounds they represent; apply rules when necessary.

Then, context clues, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension strategies give the student access to the meaning of the sentence these words create. All of these components must be modelled and explicitly taught by the teacher, then practised until the student can apply the skills independently.

Students are taught the skills that are essential to learn to read and spell successfully. They become empowered, independent thinkers who are able to clearly articulate their knowledge and are in control of their learning. Students become higher level thinkers who truly experience the joy of learning and achievement.

WRITE TO READ not only teaches these skills but enables the teacher to understand what it feels like to be the student by taking the place of the learner. Understanding what the student is thinking and experiencing is essential for assessing whether knowledge is truly owned. The final assessment is not only a correct answer on a test but whether a student is confident and feels in control of his/her knowledge. The only truth for the child is that which he/she experiences.

National Inquiry into Literacy 2005 (Australia) *
National Reading Panel 2000 (US)
Rose Report 2005 (UK)

Marian Dunne
Mobile: 0421 639 260
Email: mazdun@bigpond.com


The Write to Read course has been a wonderful experience. I have learnt so much about spelling, codes and rules. It has changed my way of thinking about spelling and the English language. Now I have a better understanding, I feel more confident and am starting to lose my negative feeling I have always had.. Thanks for making it such an interesting and exciting program. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


Thanks Marian. An outstanding and extremely worthwhile course. Brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyable. This course has been so beneficial to me as a classroom teacher. It’s given me the “tools” and greater confidence to teach ‘Write to Read’ and all that it entails. I am now able to ‘reflect’ on my teaching. I have greater empathy for the students in my grade ‘who just don’t get it’. It has opened my eyes to a new way of teaching.

Anita M

”Write to Read” is the best professional learning I have done in my 30 year teaching career. It was life changing. Not only did the course confirm all I had learnt from the international research into effective literacy teaching, it provided proven strategies and essential content to teach my students to read, write and spell. I was thrilled with the success I had. My students achieved higher standards in less time than I had ever been able to teach before. This program reinvigorated me as a teacher. Marian is an inspirational trainer with incredible knowledge and boundless passion for those students who need us most.

I would recommend all teachers do this course. Write to Read helps us to understand how the English language works, and how best to teach it to children. I feel it is our professional responsibility to be experts in language acquisition. Your students will learn to read, write and spell confidently and competently and feel empowered by their own knowledge.

Write to Read should be taught in teacher training. I would urge young teachers to invest deeply in this program, to be a more effective teacher. I would commend more experienced teachers to go in with an open mind, and see what impact this training has on your students’ results. It will blow your mind.

Margaret Bertram
Literacy Consultant
Teaching and Learning Coach Dept. Ed Vic

This course has opened up my world to be able to explain how words work and given me answers to many of the questions I have been asked during my teaching career. I only wish that I was taught this explicit way to read/write when I was at school and studying to be a teacher. Thank you Marian for bringing “language to life”

Nerilee P

I didn’t like school because I was terrible at spelling and reading. I feel very empowered now to read and write with more confidence and am going to teach it to my own children. Thanks Marian you are a supportive and motivating instructor.

Shaun J

The Write to Read course, certificates I and II, have been the most effective courses and training I have ever done as a teacher. I have taken for granted my own natural ability to read, write and record words and now I have all the tools to be able to teach children how words really work. I have enjoyed the practical applications we have done to learn how to teach others in a very encouraging and open environment. Thank you – it has been amazing. Every university teaching course must do this course!!